Does anyone know of a good tool I can just put on like an esp32 or raspi that will let me just drop it onto a network and open up a reverse ssh tunnel?

@drwho Interesting! I don't hate it. Alternatively, it would be nice if it could connect to one of the VPSs I have and get enumerated there.

It's probably something I could do with a bash script, but was hoping that someone had already written nice that handled all the annoying reconnect logic.

I basically want to be able to troubleshoot devices on my home network from remote without needing to do forwards and set up static ips


@rgegriff You could always do a Wireguard connection back to a VPS. Or an SSH connection back to a VPS (to avoid needing port forwards).

Chances are, a bunch of folks have already done something like that with a shell script. Seems like a common tool to need.

For your use case? SSH over Tor. That's what I do with my stuff. Ansible works, too. Very few moving parts, easy to set up, set it and forget it.

@drwho @rgegriff You don't need port forwarding for Wireguard if at least one peer (a VPS for example) is available from the internet. On that box, you can specify peers without Endpoint values, it'll just accept traffic from that peer from anywhere. The "client" peer should have a PersistentKeepalive value set to make sure it connects to the "server" and keeps the connection open.
@drwho @rgegriff Tailscale. It's a service you can install on you natted devices and they form an internal wireguard network accessible from everywhere. It's quite neat.

If you don't trust the tailscale control server, there is a selfhost version called headscale. Theres also apps for it, so you can include phones and tablets into the private network.

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