I'm tempted to try getting my old photo collection (wot used to be on Flickr) back online using pixelfed, but I am failing to find any examples of people using it the way I would want to use it -- with lots and lots of what I think they are calling "collections".

I wanna say "these are all the photos I took in Cordoba in 2012" and have people able to page through them in chronological order and see my notes on each one.

Anyone know of other people using it that way?

@zwol Have you considered just going back to #Flickr, now that it’s not owned by Yahoo anymore? I pay for it and feel like it’s a pretty decent value for the money. Not sure I could self-host / community-host what I store there for anything close to what they charge.

@zwol not federated but #Piwigo may be an option for you. Does everything as collections/albums. And has an easy migrate plugin that imports all data and photos directly from #Flickr.

@nemobis It might! I'm finding the documentation of what it's like to *use* MediaGoblin kinda lacking, though. Lots of stuff on how to *install* it, which I appreciate, but very little on how I would then go about getting the photos from my local disk onto the instance (ideally in batches -- I probably have thousands of photos on my computer right now, many of them already annotated with tags, captions, and commentary).

@zwol Good point.. I think there might be an assumption that this is the job of clients. Perhaps there's some #digiKam plugin or similar to do the transfer?

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