Hey fellow revolutionaries!

Have you heard the great news about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency program? We’re sure you have and you’re probably just as excited as we are. To celebrate, we’re here with a special offer to help you to earn your first Facebook bucks!

You fucking love science, and we know it because you liked the Facebook page. That’s why we’re giving you a chance to work with real scientists, while also earning Facebook bucks!

Facebook’s Chemical and Medical Division is looking for participants for it’s beta testing programs, plasma drives, and kidney round-ups. And don’t worry if an event occurs that leaves you unable to collect your Facebook bucks! After clean-up and disposal fees, the remainder of your payout will go to your next of kin! Cool stuff!

So don’t miss out on your chance of becoming history! Sign-up today!

@zuckerberg can I exchange FedPoints for Libra yet?

I've been quietly accruing a bunch for some discrete snitching here and there, but the existing rewards scheme seems targeted at boomers. I don't need another wine club membership, ya know?

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