uspol and GoT spoilers 

Hey fellow freedom fighters! To kick off and celebrate our new Fediverse Pals Program, Facebook is teaming up with Circuit City to give you a chance to win a $5000 Gift Card to any Circuit City location world wide! Just fill out this survey to enter and win!

Who’s your favorite Pokémon?
What kind of pasta do you like?
How many dogs do you have?
What’s their favorite treat?
What brand and model of door locks do you use?
What brand and model of security cameras do you use?
What hours do you and your partner/spouse work?
What’s your favorite color?
What’s you mother’s maiden name?
What’s the name of the street you grew up on?
What’s the name of your first boss?
Where did you meet your partner/spouse?
What’s the name of your elementary school?

Let us know where we can send your prize!
Postal Code:

To verify you’re a human and not a robot, please take a picture of your house key and attach it to your reply.

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