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in the future, robots will perform all of the most dull, repetitive tasks, like cleaning off solar panels and financing startups to exploit people faster

new album is almost finished, really excited to wrap it up in the next 3-4 years!


3D scanner + diet tracking app API = welcome to the future, boys 😎

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I walk outside and am on camera: in the hallway and elevator of my building, while passing shops, and waiting at crosswalks. My mobile phone connects to cell towers and wifi, another log of my position and movements. Apps are keeping tabs and phoning home with telemetry. Electronic toll-collection passes and plate-reading cameras record my drive to the transit center. My transit pass pinpoints me in space and time while an RF ID badge records when I get to work and where I am in the building.
When I finally log into my computer, blocking ads, opting out of tracking, or limiting 3rd party cookies makes me feel ...

Goat (masked hard rock outfit from Sweden) gives the best interviews.

Their current album, Requiem, is their best yet, he says, “because it is longer”. On stage tonight, the anonymous girl vocalists sing-shout, raw and in unison, while executing joyously amateur dance moves. They wheel about in large squares of material, like children wrestling with empty duvet covers.

I ask him what it takes to be a member of Goat. “Nothing. You could be a member if you like. Just start making music in a mask.”

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

"a different error than before" = "a good stopping place"

(if his stage name was "stung")
every little thing she does is tragic,
everything she does just rubs me wrong

listen kid, I used to be just like you: begging for scraps, foaming at the mouth, pacing back and forth in front of a chain link fence

after years of marriage, I think I'm finally ready to show you what's under my eyepatches

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