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open this to get dunked on 

just kidding! it was an alley-oop because I love teamwork!

if I had known it'd be like this, I would have started saving a few years before I was born

guess it's time to watch Cowboy Bebop all over again for no real reason 🤷

I take her to the university, she says huh
I take her to anniversary, she says one
I take her to jewelry store
I say diamonds, she says pearl
Oh everyone knows I'm in love
With a monosyllabic girl

"Please contact your system administrator."

- Crap, that's me..

Last week, researchers jailbroke Apple's T2 security processor found in Macs. Now they've found that USB-PD payloads can cause the T2 to be rebooted into a DFU state. So now there's PlugNPwn (watch the first video on the page for a demo).

thaw the lavash
bake it up
eat the flatbread pizza
shit the pizza out
...god, life's relentless

@_cr0_tab @zpojqwfejwfhiunz Capitalism is when you intentionally type with caps lock on.

@vortex_egg @zpojqwfejwfhiunz It's only true capitalism if it's from the capitál region of southern France.

Otherwise it's just sparkling class war.

claiming there's piss all over my boss's desk because there was a Tiny Desk Concert earlier but nobody here gets performance art like I do

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