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I've had it! That's it!
Go to the principal's Zoom!

I look like the part of the show when it says "many years later"

changing all the references in my product from "AI" to "Al" because we stopped using computers and just have Alan the intern make the decisions

"This is a personal project that I began working on once the Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay reveal came out, remaking many of the assets that the game has to offer in terms of graphic design... I’ve put in quite a few hours, scouring for typefaces that may or may not exist, giving up and making things from scratch"

Ping pong
Rugby ball
🏉 🏂️ ⚾️ 🏓 🚬 🕶️ 😴
Buying things off the internet
Sunglasses on when you sleep
That's a sport too

and lo, the angel said, the data shall be too many to count and the inhabitants of each kingdom shall not be able to aggregate the statistics

data science was visited upon all the peoples of earth as punishment

Me, hearing a bell toll: haha sick nice bell
Me, after finding out for whom the bell tolls: fuck! Shit!!

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