I'm like a chainsaw
I run on unhealthy substances and require constant upkeep to perform adequately

@NOCARRIER been so much happier with Zeit than Netlify lately. They don't have a super pushy sales team and think the best products are simple ones that get the job done. It has serverless and secrets-storage built in for when you need them.


@y0x3y same here! I wanted the LitePhone 2 to be so much better than it turned out; I think it went in the right direction by running Android as a base OS but then simplifying the heck out of the interface.
The Hisense A5, for example, runs almost a stock OS and it's hard to use properly with e-ink (and certainly doesn't show off the big advantages).
Fingers crossed for the Mudita Pure. The company was founded by the same guy as CD Projekt Red and the OS is based on FreeRTOS, only offering things that work/look fantastic with e-ink. It's a feature phone without wifi or GPS, so I might miss navigation/maps too much 😅

I almost ALWAYS fly private, but the one time I don't, they CANCEL my blimp to NYC. The nerve!

thank you for all of your efforts and the numerous (!) emails, but we've decided to not move forward with producing a TV show from your toots at this time

The Buddhists say there are 121 states of consciousness. Of these, only three involve misery or suffering. Most of us spend our time moving back and forth between these three.

"log in" is the verb,
"login" is the noun,
and you'll never change my mind

surely this new gadget will make me less of a monumental failure

meat plants

@breakfastgolem They were your biggest fans and I have mad respect for your willingness to fire them right into the sun.

@c0debabe @theruran
I've started seriously considering joining the flat-earthers so we have just one time zone to program, claiming the issue is protected by religious freedom with employers

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