@zpojqwfejwfhiunz This is literally the most important issue on fedi.

Another google thing shut down, deprecated the same day as the notice.

@djsundog spec says it's wrapped in a class and it's up to the client to decide how to display and most clients just use CSS text-overflow-ellipsis, which only looks at the pixel width to decide when to truncate and defaults to a stupid-wide U+2026 Horizontal Ellipsis that's wider than the average-width single char that you may have had left to display.


feature request: add private notes to masto users that show on hover or as flair so I can keep track of who dislikes vanilla ice cream

Hocus Pocus released on 4K UHD and it's dark AF; even outdoor scenes appear to be different times of day because the color grading and scale is so shifted. The classroom scenes look like they turned off the overhead lights.

"eternal september" has never been so terrifying a proposition

financial planner: so, let's talk retirement plans!
me: prolly just finally play all the humble bundle games I've spent all my money on haha
fp: ... that actually answers all of my remaining questions too

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