"spicy-nicey!" picking a pepper today
"spicy-slicey!" chopping it up one way
"spicy-dicey!" cutting the other way
"spicy-jesus-christy! I rubbed my $*@%&# eye!" I say

Solar Ash looks really good, plus they're using text this time, not just symbology so maybe I'll grasp the plot

my arc is I'm going to slowly become a flat-earther and take you all with me

pop-tech TV asks...
Halt & Catch Fire: what if everyone in tech was really attractive?
For All Mankind: what if everyone was attractive and unlucky?
Silicon Valley: can something be too real to enjoy?
Westworld: what would you do with an android after you got sick of ... you know?
Altered Carbon: same question but you are also the robot sometimes?

:tlsp: shouting out
:tlsp: other crews
:tlsp: on the scene
:tlsp: in your releases

hip hoppers 🤝 warez crackers
:tlsp: :flan_headphones::flan_hacker:

HTown, the pie-eyed and rosy-cheeked uncle that gives you cash and says not to tell yer ma

I'd never done it at my new friend's place, so you can understand how nervous I was.
I locked the door behind me and put a hand towel under the door. I moved aside the air freshener they had and pulled out my own powerful candles I ordered online. I put on "Let's Dance" by Benny Goodman using my portable BT speaker to help cover up any sounds... and that was it, I was ready!
I started drawing a Lesser Key of Solomon using toothpaste and summoned Sitri and ť̶̠̠̾h̵̢͈̃é̶̯̗ ̴͓̥̓s̶͍̏ͅi̵͍̒̈́x̴̖̂t̴̖̠̚y̸̳͊̇ ̵͙̈́̍͜ļ̸͊e̷̻̎g̷̰̫̈i̶̝̯͒o̴͔̒̆ň̵̛͉͉ŝ̴͉̠̒ ̷̨͎̌͠ò̷̜̗f̴̻͕̏ ̷̰̗̇̓h̸̠̄ḙ̵̎l̸̻͝l̷̼̻̉͠

mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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