writing is a way to fool death into missing a few things when it comes to erase you

@djsumdog in SFF cases, it's pretty common to see 120mm exhaust fans in the top or bottom and vented sides for intake!

a lot of people are building Ghost S1s like the one pictured but I'm still thinking a Sliger SM550 is my next build

pretty disappointed in this community for once again asking me to do emotional labor by roasting them.

really selfish of you.

short jorts and tank top that says "I can telluride"

just graduated Hamburger University, not sure if I'll start a career or stay in macadamia

"if you can't measure it, you can't control it";
don't let them take your measure,
don't be controllable

dressing to impress the veterinarian, in my defense I don't get out much these days

in case you wanted to browse or search the Blue Leaks docs before downloading all 269GB:


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