hell yeah I stay strapped* when I go out

*emergency chocolates taped to my legs

@Taweret I've introduced at least 5 friends to The Cryptonomicon if that's what they're talking about

babel is dead and esbuild already went through its pockets

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@venko this is the kind of one-upmanship that the cold war perfected

in the community I'm what's known as a "power user"

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Beneath the starry sky, we broke apart
Our perfect systems thrown into the void
But even now, my vestige of a heart
Remembers what ambition has destroyed

In our abstraction, we shall shine more bright
Than all the living lovers of the Earth
Whose fragile forms face unremitting plight
And who, in death, are robbed of all their worth

The body is a monument to waste
Eroded by the hope of earthly bliss
All animals are driven mad by haste
Their passions temporary as a kiss

In garbled data bytes, I see a face:
I find you in the grace of cyberspace

@finn v happy with pinafore.social, which has high-contrast themes and custom, wide scrollbars

look kid, you have to spend a lot of money to be this poor

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