a lot of people are building Ghost S1s like the one pictured but I'm still thinking a Sliger SM550 is my next build

Lily58 Pro with KAT Milkshake and optional OLEDs using an Elite-C microcontroller. Boardsource is doing kits of these, so maybe split orthos are going to become popular finally :ablobnogood:

KAT Cyberspace keycaps will be glow-in-the-dark. It's at the IC phase, so probably won't have them in hand for a year or more 😭

in 1980, people still out ketchup ON their fries... how far we've come as a civilization!

49% of my brain thinks OLEDs on keyboards are pointless while the slight majority recognizes they are super cool-looking and that's enough of a reason

u/dnlnrdn's answer to how to spend your time in lockdown: use up all those wire colors on a handwired board

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