@Rev_Couchsloth @zpojqwfejwfhiunz

yep. i often find my slack just stopping. when you remember that assholes and opinions are related, and honor that you've freed up TONS O SLACK.

@LapsusChao @zpojqwfejwfhiunz One of the ultimate lessons of Subgenius cosmology is the realization of Original Slack. Because you already had all the Slack you could ever need, there is only one reason you could ever find your Slack stopping-- it's because you've allowed yourself to GIVE IT AWAY, almost always because you've taken something too seriously. Moments of Slacklessness are themselves opportunities to find out how you're fucking yourself up again.

@Rev_Couchsloth @zpojqwfejwfhiunz Rephrase: I often find that I am at peace and being in slack when I just stop. Don't need to to give an unsolicited opinion. Like the little dude in the strip.

@LapsusChao @zpojqwfejwfhiunz Oh, I got you loud and clear the first go round. No worries. 😊

@Rev_Couchsloth @zpojqwfejwfhiunz Recently I grokked that Original Slack is the exact oobverse of Original Sin.

@LapsusChao @zpojqwfejwfhiunz They are a symmetric pair of concepts. Original Sin was invented to convince people to give up their Original Slack.

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