100% handwired split keyboard with no plate, no PCB, no case. Held together by the carefully bent and soldered wires.

album at:
build log and previous boards:

@_1751015 I really like it, but want to point out it's not my build. It's by the owner of that Imgur account, spacefaringindustries aka onebigdoor on reddit.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz thanks, I hate it.

actually it looks nice and all, would love to try it out - but the sheer thought of putting that together is horrible to me

@drazraeltod it's actually a really amazing process: you start out wondering if it's even possible and by the end you are selling your possessions so you can move to a commune and never use technology again

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz I'm just joining the MK world, that looks lovely! How do you find the ortho layout?

I've gone for a 75% to start, but wondering if I could have got away with a layout. Lots of fun to be had :)

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz Solid free-wiring like this is so sexy. I wish it was more common. But, y'know, Short City
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