Matrix chat server is up! :hackers_town:​ Account registration is OPEN at

Quick way to register: if you head over to and hit "sign up", you can select "advanced" and put in our homeserver address:

Join up, make rooms, and idle with us! Encrypted group chat is a click away. Full list of Matrix clients over at:

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz I can NOT say this has been the least troublesome signup; I mean ... wtf, google recaptcha?

On a instance?


(I have a DISTINCT feeling this cross-domain signup is not the way to go. Among the "this isn't right" parts: the xhr request to "matrix-" (no domain) - the "are you sure you don't want to use an email" with no possibility of entering an email, and ... well attempt #10 now to get thru all the hoops to turn google back on so I can use recaptcha.

I _seriously_ do not see what the disadvantages of irc are, given that I have to trust Google to sign up for this.


@zpojqwfejwfhiunz yeah, it's not working, at all, it will not present me the captcha, screw this.

@Truck @zpojqwfejwfhiunz why in the name of all that is holy is any version of CAPTCHA being used at all???? This is Hackers Town, we're not supposed to rely on google shit!!

@lindsays @zpojqwfejwfhiunz EXACTLY my question.

SOMETHING is wrong.

I just went looking for a signup page on, but it just is the page for the "the software works, now you need a client." Which is _understandable_ in that it's a newly installed instance (and I fully expect will be probed for faults in the default install) but -

Now, it is true I could very possibly join using a matrix account, but the captcha appeared while following the instructions to sign up for a matrix account via the link in the original post.

With ublock origin on "yeah no fscking tracking/ads" and umatrix on "block and warn on most everything" of course.

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