What the heck is this?

Also, what is deauth? Think I heard @thegibson say a drone killer could "death" so guess its related to that...?

Regardless, this looks cyber af, pretty cool.

@faehnrich @zpojqwfejwfhiunz

Deauth attacks cause a WiFi access point to lose connection with clients... basically a disruption of service that makes it easy to grab handshakes... or disrupt drones.

@thegibson @zpojqwfejwfhiunz

Aaahhh I see.

Drones use wifi? Heh, I don't know anything about drones either.

@faehnrich @zpojqwfejwfhiunz

consumer grade ones do... they act as an access point to be controlled by a phone.... They are usually running unsecured SSH as well... which means you can deauth, connect, and issue coomand like powerdown, shutdown, or poweroff... :)


I mean, how do I not actually own one of these... and what is with this "sold out" bullshit?

@thegibson mine is on a slow boat, will post here when it arrives but before I brick it

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz think I found a source on tindie... going on the Christmas list.

@thegibson I ordered mine from dstike, the creator, although it was a little extra he said on GitHub there are fakes floating around. I wanted the watch format with 3D printed case which is newer too.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz OK, you got me, other than spoofing deauths, what's the operating principal in play?

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