"An email" is singular.
"Some email" is plural.
"Some emails" is also plural.

@yojimbo sum(emails) is an integer

sum(email) is a type exception

@aurynn sum(emails) isn't an integer, if you want to account for half-written drafts ...

sum(email) might be "1" ... don't see why I can't treat the count of a set of one item as a number ...

"I have some email in that mailbox"

half-written emails are, I’d say, only semantically real but practically integer, for the purposes of counting

@yojimbo 'some email' is gross in my book. It's a count noun dammit

@drV @yojimbo I always write “e-mail messages” in formal / technical situations

@fincham @drV It's probably because "mail" is also a mixed plural/singular.

If the quantity is counted, it gets an -s. Seems consistent.

And "e-mail"? I submit you can only use that these days if you also use "p-mail" for stuff that's on paper :-)

@fincham @drV It's a "Hyph-hen" Late Latin & Greek; Late Latin, from Greek, from hyph' hen under one, from hypo under + hen, neuter of heis one ...

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