In case anyone still think's it's A-Ok for us to have critical digital infrastructure and data storage dependencies outside of NZ... consider - we are just as much on the "ring of fire" as PNG. This could be us. Could we currently cope if our international data connectivity was compromised. I'd suggest that no, we could not. We've become so complete obliviously dependent on foreign services, our economy and rule-of-law would stop dead. Society wouldn't be far behind.


@lightweight Seems like a good time to highlight, which is an outstanding resource.

We have more options than they do, and it sounds like some of their problems are internal communications, due to their geography.

However, it doesn't undermine your central argument in promotion of in-country hosting.

@yojimbo Yes. I think even with the redundant links, we're still vulnerable, e.g. to misadventure and deliberate sabotage... And, of course, folks who thinking the small number of foreign-owned cloud facilities being built in NZ will solve the problem, need to remember that just being onshore isn't enough, either. The US-owned ones will still be subject to the US Patriot and Cloud Acts. We need our gov't to *prefer* domestically owned clouds (not actively shun them, as they have so far).

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