@chirrolafupa @nff It's tremendous work. I think I've read up on this enough to appreciate the theory behind how it works, but no way could I ever produce even a large inefficient version of it!

The bass line kick at 1:40 still gives me chills.



@chirrolafupa @nff
Also disappointed to see that there is an NFT for this project, but heartened to see rational and respectful comments about it on his blog. linusakesson.net/scene/a-mind-

@yojimbo @nff disappointing indeed! i agree with what you say about the comments :)

@yojimbo @chirrolafupa @nff Oh no :( Although I must say that it's probably the most respectful take on crypto and NFTs I've seen. Also, while of course not diminishing the environmental and economic problems it entitles, it is kind of cool that the whole work is *in* the chain, not just a URL to the work.

@yojimbo @chirrolafupa Very civil discussion in the comments indeed.
In the end it basically boils down to an "art market" thing, + environment destruction because nft lol.
I personally never liked the idea of transforming a piece of art in a buyable object in the first place.
Especially when speculation kicks in, and we get bullshit like Jasper Johns's american flag or Jeff Koons.
That said, I get it artists have to eat and pay rent, and the current state of the system makes it quite hard :/

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