Elite Dangerous (including the Horizons DLC which is pretty core to the current galaxy) is FREE from the Epic Games store for the next week ...

The game is completely free-to-play once you have it - there is no mechanism for players to pay money and get better resources, only cosmetics. This means that if you end up competing with other players (which isn't necessary anyway, and you can exclude this by settings) you are on an equal footing with only time/skills invested.

Elite Dangerous is a beautiful and immense, absorbing game. It's almost a "space simulator" with a 1:1 model of our galaxy and for the populated regions a well-balanced economic model.

Seriously, to search for screenshots and videos. If you don't already have a copy of this game, get one while its free!!

I knew nothing about the game besides the name before this post, and now that I've had a chance to actually look at some of the game footage, I completely see why getting the game free deserved a post. I played the crap out of X-wing vs TIE Fighter when I was younger, and this strikes me as a spiritual successor and more.

@Ent I've been playing this game for years (and like many of us, from the original 1984 versions as well) ... This means that the game universe & many core mechanics were well-tested before they started on this version 🙂
It's easy to ignore a game these days, as there are so many contenders within a given category, but I feel it's worth advertising something that's stood up to the tests of time. Not perfectly! There's plenty of missed opportunities in the game, to be sure ... but it's worth at least a few hundred hours gametime at least!

@electricsand Elite is working well under Linux these days - not officially, but via Proton/WINE ... would that be enough to get you working? In general Linux gets more efficient use out of an older machine ...

@yojimbo it's a first gen i7 with 6G RAM, and it's getting crotchety with video heavy processing these days (2010 machine), so I honestly can't say

@electricsand Elite is basically a mid-spec 2015 game; the CPU will be fine, RAM is enough - it's down to the graphics card in practice. All the fancy ones are snapped up by coin miners these days, but that should leave a lot of room for older cards at a reasonable price.

I tried it on a a 2015 Dell XPS 13" laptop (Intel 5500 graphics according to the web) and it was unplayable due to graphics; as soon as you try rendering a couple of hundred rocky asteroids in an ice ring the thing just halted.

But, the game is free this week, so you might as well claim a copy anyway, just in case!

@yojimbo got that big data harvest energy done up

maybe I'll install it one day

@yojimbo I'm getting it but won't play until my new [VR] rig is up and running. Missing a few key parts, so it might not be until Feb-Mar that I start playing.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz It's a damn good game in VR, that's for sure. Although the new Odyssey expansion coming soon will introduce FPS, and they're not currently supporting VR for it 😠

Also I have to get rid of my very old Oculus DK/2 (!!) and find a new system that doesn't force me to log in to Facebook ...

What are you planning on?

@yojimbo RTX 3080, Index, and 5950X — also have an Acer X27 to plug into

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