FOSS Terminology Change Survey 

I want to guage how people feel about the terminology changes (master/slave, blacklist/whitelist, etc.) being made in FOSS.

Feel free to expand on your opinion, but please be respectful as this is a touchy subject for many.

I think these changes are:


re: FOSS Terminology Change Survey 

@jbauer I wanted an option in-between "good" and "annoying".

I voted "annoying" because many of the arguments are about just finding an alternative word for the same concept; forgetting that every time you implement a concept it might be better served with a unique name.

So git, for example, needs a name for "the branch that's implicitly created when you initialise a repository". But why should that name suggest that this branch has some sort of authority other the other future branches? Everyone's workflow is different ...

And the permitlist/denylist; it doesn't help you to resolve conflicts. Some systems always allow an entry on their permitlist; other systems always deny an entry on their denylist - the order is different depending on the underlying systems' needs. So they need different names completely.

That's what annoys me about this - a good opportunity to think about how words and especially jargon have a purpose - to communicate meaning - and how these names that we're looking at changing often don't communicate sufficient meaning at the moment anyway.

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