Have I Been Pwned is preparing for a corporatization of some sort. Future to be determined; except it'll keep running.

@sandrockcstm Yes; the first incarnation will probably be fine, it's what happens after that - second sale - where it gets dangerous

@yojimbo @catoutofbed I'm cautiously optimistic about that.

Like, I rely on HIBP both to notify me of password breaches (though I use unique, random passwords, so at least the blast radius is limited), and to autodetect when people register with a vulnerable password 0 on various services I run.

I was aware it was run by Troy alone, as a hobby thing, and TBH I was wondering when (not if) he would burn himself out, so I'm glad he is taking steps to reduce the bus-factor and the pressure on himself.

hopes it turns out well, and results in a better HIBP for everyone.
should probably know better than get her hopes up, shrugs.

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