Dear Every Browser Development Team - I do *NOT* want all my devices to show the same open tabs and have the same bookmarks.

I have different machines for different purposes. It's convenient to have the same identity on many of these; but I still use them for different purposes.

I don't want 'one identity' to flatten down to 'one use-case'. I'm not a one-dimensional user.

@yojimbo I tend to avoid those kind of sign in because it's a nice opportunity to start from a clean slate, keeping all the noise behind.
Need will take back useful stuff, eventually.

@yojimbo I want the same bookmarks and access to the open tabs on my other devices, I don't want the tabs to literally be synced across devices.

Safari does it the right way. Are you talking about Google or Firefox here?

@feld Firefox in particular, and only because it was 'advertising' the feature to me. I *might* want to access browser history from other devices, but in general not much else.

@yojimbo @feld You can specify what kind of information you want to synchronize.

@yojimbo I specifically run separate browsers to avoid this. I gave a talk about it at Linuxfest Northwest this year.

@xenotrope Thanks for the link; it's a great approach for unix machines to use, and just underscores that *everything* in Linux these days is related to namespaces; a process started as a separate user is just an older and simpler way to get a separate namespace 🙂

@yojimbo @annika In a dream world, I'm able to minority report tabs between my devices.

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