The code I am writing in TypeScript is starting to look like the code I would write if I knew TypeScript.

I consider this a promising sign.

I can tell there's been a lot of learning for this task because I've got about 3,000 words of notes directly for the task itself and probably double that on adjacent topic notes.

Not because it's a big task. It's just all new to me.


@randomgeek your task note script was the best thing to happen to task warrior usage for me

thank you for making that!

@y0x3y That's awesome! "Better task notes" is part of why I've been trying to merge my Taskwarrior tasks into Logseq / Obsidian / etc.

@randomgeek Im this close to re-writing taskwiki in Lua and giving links to tasks to improve my workflow

though I think for that I'd need to add a UDA to the task to make it easier

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