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I understand that it should be and to a large degree is possible to exist in the modern, digital world without giving away this information to such people, but that it requires some effort on my part.

OpenStreetMaps is as effective as Google Maps for autonavigation and in fact better for casual location browsing, and does not spy on me, but it requires installation (GMaps is default) and is not as performant on the Android platform.

software pol 

Understanding these things, I feel that it is my duty, to myself and to my community, to reject and replace the products and services of as many spying companies with those of non-spying companies and nonprofit groups as rapidly and thoroughly possible.

That can only be done with free software. So, I am a free software radical.

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@tindall thank you for putting it out there. i understand all 3 and its important to vocalise. i have already purged most non-free surveillance malware from my life. i run a GApps-less phone. i run a home server for cloud storage/services. i run linux.

it's not easy, but i enjoy challenges and it gives my life meaning. software freedom and privacy are both very important to me.

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