FUCK. Access and Assistance passed in Australia. RIP any semblance of privacy online now...
I hope Apple pulls out of Australia for being unable to comply, because that seems like the only hope we have for the government to reconsider.

i even wrote a comment to the government about why this is a bad idea. If labour actually passes this im going to be mad.

mad enough to leave the country even. fuck this shit, im not tryna get into security in a country cyber-security *cannot* exist, by law!

@thegibson it wont matter if the applications are back door'd. im doubtful Signal will comply, but i wouldn't be surprised if WhatsApp et all does. Will be interesting to see Telegram/Wire and Google/Apple's response (as service providers and Store owners respectively)
I cant even imagine what they plan on doing about GPG encrypted email.

@y0x3y I'm keeping an eye out in New Zealand, but so far they appear to be sensible despite also being 5 eyes.

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