I'm a security engineer by trade. Here to find like-minded folks who are either in the process of, or have succeeded leaving the corporate paychecks behind to pursue projects like permaculture, building eco-homes (whatever that might mean to you), using their tech skills to protect privacy, do handicrafts, reduce waste, etc.

@wombat_cubed Hello!

I don't know much, but I recently got in a chat with a peep who uses for ehmm, well, irrigation.

Mostly cool for moderate-hot climates. TL;DR:
not spraying tons of water that evaporates, just pump it into the ground where it's needed.

@wombat_cubed Welcome. I think you should find a nice mixture of those types of folks here... at various stages of trying to escape 😅​

@wombat_cubed I'm a major incident manager, who had to go back into IT to pay the bills when our farm failed to pay its own way several years ago. I used to write ttrpgs and make maille but neither of those allowed for survival under capitalism either.

@WanderingBeekeeper I hear that. Running a farm is hard to make profitable. I'm probably going to have to keep working for the man till we're financially independent and don't need to make a profit with our hypothetical farm. So, retirement, I guess.

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