Back on the job/gig hunt again. If anyone had need for a purple team dude specializing in WiFi hacking, and endpoint/threathunting... I’m all ears!

Also, I am equipped and prepared to do contract work through my company if that is what you need too. Please boost the signal and help me put kids through college. :)

It's only 8:30 in the morning and it's already been a long day.

A Drop In The Ocean: How could your personality profile influence the political ads you are served? Find out in this interactive exhibit from #TheGlassRoom: Misinformation Edition:

Trying to wrap my brain around applying Bellman-Ford on currency rates to determine arbitrage situations.

I get the gist but trying to run through it manually step by step is tripping me up.


I'm a security engineer by trade. Here to find like-minded folks who are either in the process of, or have succeeded leaving the corporate paychecks behind to pursue projects like permaculture, building eco-homes (whatever that might mean to you), using their tech skills to protect privacy, do handicrafts, reduce waste, etc.

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