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For folks who want to have a personal "internet archive" or similar this is a great quick intro to archive box

i set this up recently and moved thousands of my bookmarks, onenote page captures and more data into it and i am not going back to the old way i used to archive content

the multi-format archive is great and i have ALL the data it pulls on-hand for later. no more broken images, media, shit formatting and similar

i cannot recommend it enough if you want a longer term archive of web pages and the like

Reminder that machine learning algorithms do not make novel or accurate predictions about the true state of the world. They simply reflect back the pre-existing biases of whatever data sets are fed into them.

_GPT-3 is the world’s most powerful bigotry generator._

> “ OpenAI and the machine learning community at large are heavily invested in combating bias – but there’s currently no paradigm by which entrenched bias in a system like GPT-3 can be removed or compensated for. Its potential for harm is limited only by how much access humans with harmful ideologies have to it.”

Since I don’t drink anymore I feel like I never properly celebrated quitting my objectively soul-sucking job, and just went on with my life like it was another Tuesday. I should do something exciting.

Anyone study (or have studied) information science? I’m getting curious about it and what ya’ll get up to.

After several years of writer's block I finally had a longer piece published today:

Many thanks to @redecentralize for carrying it, @tomasino,, and Gerben for reviewing and editing it into shape.

The piece has also been published on #VSquare:

uspol, OSINT, extremism investigations 

One person laying down good info about this concern is Joan Donavan, research director of Harvard's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. She’s an established disinfo and extremism researcher and wants people to do it right if they are going to get involved.

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uspol, OSINT, extremism investigations 

As someone with a new interest in this space I want to make sure I don’t cause any new problems through my own actions.

Some concerns are:

- The need for tight opsec so you don’t get doxxed yourself and get death threats or actual violence
- The need to report on disinformation and extremism responsibly because you can end up spreading it more widely if you report on it in certain ways
- The ethical gray area of “doxing people for Good”


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uspol, OSINT, extremism investigations 

I’ve seen some interesting discussion from the disinformation and extremism investigation and research communities about a massive influx of new online investigators tracking down and doxing extremists.

A concern was raised that there is a wealth of established practice among existing researchers for how to go about doing this safely and responsibly; knowledge which is not widely available or practiced.

As someone with a new interest in this space...


I wish I had the same facility for making up proper nouns as I do with other kinds of language arts. I’d like to have an online pseudonym for writing and such that passes for a human name.

But I draw a creative blank whenever I think about it. Where do people draw inspiration from? Historical names? Other fictional names?


I can’t get over the fact that Squish has adopted this one spot on my desk as his new hangout spot.

I’ve been staring down the terror of my own n00biness the last couple days.

The various fields and interests that I want to do work in already have so many knowledgable and experienced individuals doing a lot of good work.

How do I even get started? I feel like someone’s going to catch on that I’m a fraud.

This is a thoughtful and detailed article about the decades-long problems of tech companies’s failures to anticipate or mitigate the risk they produce and its resultant social harms:

“Fossilization” is my term for when a distinction (or cognitive belief) sets in as being hardened and inflexible in a social information system. Fossilized beliefs fade into the background where they are invisible and unquestioned, and then serve to “channelize” further discussions and distinction-formation inline with the original distinction. This creates accreted channels of belief plaque that manifests as inflexibility in a social system.

We can liberate and transform fossilized beliefs.

uspol, talking about “big tech”, “alt tech” 

Has anyone else run into this, or am being over sensitive in my intuitions and pattern recognition?

It would not surprise me to see a narrative emerge that any kind of criticism of Google/FB/et al. is some kind of extremist position. If this is a real thing I think it would be important to stop this before it happens.

It would be a huge cost to the small tech movement and privacy movements to disentangle ourselves from.

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uspol, talking about “big tech”, “alt tech” 

I’ve seen a couple instances of this so far:

The alt tech wikipedia article:

This WaPo article, in passing:

But it also happened several times with my now ex-coworkers any time I mentioned the fediverse or signal, for example.

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uspol, talking about “big tech”, “alt tech” 

I’m spotting what might be a trend related the popular discussion of issues related to big tech companies and alternate/small tech that is possibly concerning: An assumption that it is a far-rightist position to criticize big tech companies and to promote alternate and small tech, and that raising those criticisms or promoting small tech paints you as a potential far-rightist. This would be a huge stumbling block to the cause of getting out of big tech.

Reading the news, even when it’s good, is like being a Beatles collector. Unless you have Dubai-levels of money, you can’t collect any Beatles that hasn’t been collected by many others already. Better to do something few others, or no one else, is doing.

Plenty of people are doing that other thing. Do what only you can do. If you don’t, by definition it won’t happen. It might even be lousy, but it’s your lousy thing. I sure can’t do it for you. Get busy!

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