This is a fascinating study of online cyber-harassment from swarming troll campaigns, by social media researcher Erin Gallagher.

It uses social network analysis and visualization to show how cyber-harassment occurs online and the common tactics used by harassers.

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@drwho @thegibson @Mnemonic "Boat chase" is probably my spurious mental imagination turned flesh on my tongue, haha.

social media and perestroika 

i don't think the effect of social media on radicalization processes can be understated. i believe the meta-discourse affects even the conceivable, and a public channel broadened to an unprecedented scope has made an american-after a burning and present thought for... most people i know! you think you know how things should work if we weren't a society of and for cruelty, but that discourse of the alternative has occurred, for many people, almost entirely online.

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@sathariel I am interested in hearing what you come up if you ever reach a point of wanting to share it.

I have rapidly developing thoughts because my head’s been cracked open lately. I should take a page from you and jot some of it down.

@sathariel There’s repressed, and then there’s Catholic, lol. Something else to add to the list of things to unpack. Maybe not on main just yet.

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@feonixrift @Mnemonic @drwho @thegibson Agreed. Occultism and ciphers and blinds is another form of centralizing power by cutting off bridges for the dissemination of information, which allows some people to take advantage of other people.

@sathariel Hah I was thinking in part about our thread about the tarot, sex, and information patterns.

I realized I rarely think about “as above so below” in terms of actual sexuality because I’m kind of repressed. Beep boop information.

Magic on main and horny on main are basically the same thing.

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@feonixrift @drwho @thegibson @Mnemonic

ᛟ X ᛜ —> ᛄ —> ᛏ —> ᛇ

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@feonixrift This is great. I’m going to explore these runes to see how they resonate with my own intuition.

The sequence carries the sense of chopping off the poisoned roots, to leave a seed that sprouts in the light, becomes unbent (i.e. unfurls) as it grows, and blossoms into a tree of truth.

I’m glad you tried for a second draft.

@drwho @thegibson @Mnemonic

re: possibly naive question / bird site 

@polymerwitch My charitable guess would be that birdsite tweets are now considered to be part of The Discourse, which would (further) fracture if influential/popular people put their tweets behind a paywall.

Also, some experts on birdsite use it to properly* spread good and true information, and this being paywalled would further abandon the public to misinformation.

(* Though perhaps we really need better public information media and knowledge bridges altogether than birdsite for expertise to flow out to the community/user group.)

The cyber kitty is calibrated! Time to try the first reading.

bionic kitty 

Squish is now a bionic kitty. He has an embedded blood glucose monitor which I can read with an app on my phone so we can get a glucose curve to check how much his diabetes is in remission.

Or; under surveillance capitalism, everybody knows you are a cat.

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@thegibson @Mnemonic @drwho No doubt. One of the stories I read involved Hubbard literally fleeing in a high speed boat chase after fleecing Parsons for a large sum of OTO funds, which Crowley specifically warned Parsons not to trust him with (and eventually shunned Parsons over).

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@thegibson @Mnemonic @drwho Yeah I mean, I think all the historical connections you are stating are real and true.

There are some fascinating stories about Parsons and L Ron Hubbard too, regarding the Babalon working.

It’s more like... any self-aggrandizing claim that AC makes about himself makes me even more suspicious about his part in it, lol. Whatever grain of truth is in there, we are seeing transmogrified through his lens about himself.

re: uspol, extremism, magic 

@thegibson @Mnemonic @drwho 100%. I think the possibly apocryphal part is Crowley’s own claim that he was the one who came up with it while working as a propagandist for the British government, and that he specifically recommended it to Churchill to flash every time Churchill went on television. Perhaps.

re: uspol, extremism, magic 

@Mnemonic @drwho @thegibson Supposedly Crowley’s counter-spell to the swastika was the V-for-victory gesture. That may or may not be apocryphal though.

re: uspol, extremism, magic 

@drwho @thegibson @Mnemonic I’m curious what our resident rune expert @feonixrift thinks about this (sorry for dragging you into it). I wonder if they know of an appropriate counter-spell rune for this terror.

cognito hazards are real and I can prove it 

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