We cannot offer informed consent to the design of today’s digital systems. All we can do is refuse to consent. Evocative piece by Elinor Carmi.

Carmi, E. (2021). “I refuse, it’s not working”: A feminist critique of digital consent.

@feonixrift The tl;dr is that we can’t consent to the ongoing communications by parties over how are data is used because *we are the message*, and not a respondent in the conversation. The data *is us*; not a disembodied object, but an extension of ourselves which has become entangled in these systems, and yet not as a participant.

@vortex_egg Sounds excellently worth the time when I have any time.

@feonixrift You are welcome. It seems like an interesting perspective on the virtual cyborg self and how these platforms attempt to deprive us of our own being. Which of course no degree of consent would be sufficient for as it would be structurally meaningless.

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