One rift that I noticed after spending the day talking to other people on the twitter discord server is that people have very different ideas about why they want a decentralized social network. I, and others on want to get away from the hyperscale of centralized networks and having more control over who and how we interact with people. Others are looking for something even bigger than twitter but with no censorship, fact-checking, or moderation controls. cc

@Vortex Egg @DoeNietZoMoeilijk 🥔 I think I fall in both categories. On one hand I want to have more control over who can read what, what kind of junk gets blocked en where I store my data.

On the other hand I would like my online world as big as possible, with as little filtering as possible. I'll do my own filtering, I don't need censorship; I'm a big boy, I can deal with "offensive" stuff. Plus, I have all the tools I need to block people who keep posting stuff that shocks or annoys me. Deciding what's true and what's not is not something I want done by some big commercial enterprise, I'll do that myself with the help of news outlets, official reports and a healthy dose of suspicion.
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