@GeoffWozniak Hot take: They’ve always been “abusive small-minded bigots” but the intellectual community embraced it when they were punching over at religion instead of at social justice.

@vortex_egg When it first emerged, I think the hope was that they would push for equality. Instead, they pushed for hatred of others.


@GeoffWozniak Imagine looking at all the actual harms that religion has done to marginalized peoples and thinking “The reason this is bad is because it isn’t justifying the hatred with science and logic!”

@vortex_egg It's so ironic how much they reject about trans people when the evidence is overwhelmingly against them.

@GeoffWozniak A corollary is that there is nothing inherent to religious or spiritual ways of understanding that necessarily promotes hatred, and there is nothing about science and logic that makes it inherently immune to this; hatred is just a specific belief content that people like to reproduce using whatever framework they have at hand.

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