A lot of the discourse (+ funding) about tech justice is about big data, big tech, algorithms, AI, etc...

But working on small(er) tech, a lot of that isn't relevant, we don't have a lot of data, or algorithms, or AI, or any of that stuff...

The challenges I encounter are much more mundane and human scale:

-> how to keep motivated
-> how to develop low-key organisational structures
-> maintaining a minimally viable economic existence
-> doing boring administrative and human care work, etc...


@nicksellen That's a great point. A lot of ethical tech policy efforts are targeted at rehabilitating big tech so it can continue to be, if not monopoly-big, at least medium-large sized and highly profitable.

I don't see enough discussion of supporting small tech and community tech as full on replacements that can empower communities to own and operate their own technology (which is probably how we get actual justice at the end of the day.)

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