“Radicalizing” is a bad word. Radical means “going to the root of something”, not related to violence per se.

We need a word for the propaganda process that dehumanizes the other to the point you commit violence while assuming you’re purifying the world.


@nonlinear I think "radical" in "radicalize" is a shortening of the concept "radical reform", as in a reformist who wants to make change to a system from the roots.

I agree that "radicalizing" by itself doesn't signify that concept wholly.

@vortex_egg when they say “radicalized” they mean when someone broke and got violent with others.

Or at least THIS case that we need a better word. It’s about being so hypnotized by ideas, you dehumanize the other.

(Realize A LOT more people are this than “radicalized”)

@vortex_egg it’s not extreme. It’s not radical. It’s when propaganda grooms you to dehumanize others.

Anything not status quo is used as “radicalized”. It’s a trap.


@nonlinear I think I see what you mean (also, I agree with all of your background assessment here).

You are looking for a distinction specifically naming the phenomenon of people being informationally programmed into not seeing other people as people.

It seems like there are two key parts to making this distinction (correct me if I misread you here):

1. Propagandistic grooming or informational programming, or something like that, and
2. Coming to hold a belief that certain people are less than human (as a result of #1).

Is that correct?

@nonlinear The thought has occurred to me before that this can happen even in early childhood: children are not born seeing other humans as sub-human. It is a belief that they have to be led into by their parents and/or other people in their community.

Would a child being taught racism at a young age also fall within the distinction you are trying to name? (In addition to it happening to people later in life).

@vortex_egg yesss!

It’s about dehumanizing others. Sometimes people they never met, a parasocial hatred.

I like the “so-and-so has been (verb)-ed” because it takes their agency away, they’ve been targeted by someone.

I guess we can cover a lot of ground with it. Because algorithmic filter bubbles have been weaponized for a while.

@vortex_egg yes exactly. It becomes a range of this quality we’re trying to name.

How (verb)-ed are you? How deep in the rabbit hole are you to dehumanize entire groups of people?

It’s also a reality check. We are social animals. We’re educated to hate.

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