uspol, qanon, liberal narratives 

A reminder that all the research and data shows that people who believe in QAnon and other far right conspiracy theories are not stupid or uneducated (in fact it tracks with a higher attainment of educational outcomes), and the liberal narrative that believes it is so is a classist footgun that is going to bite everyone in the ass.

re: uspol, qanon, liberal narratives 

@vortex_egg "Weaponized Gnosticism" is a term I heard and liked for it.

Like emerging from the (Robert Anton Wilson, illuminatus triology etc.) chapel perilous: Agnostic to everything yet having a hook into qanon stuff; good persons can be led astray by false mentors quiet easily.


re: uspol, qanon, liberal narratives 

@Mnemonic Motivated reasoning is another explanation mentioned in the article. As is that of people getting hooked into these beliefs while at a vulnerable stage in their life (a common theme self-reported by ex-Qanoners) — very common in cult indoctrination.

re: uspol, qanon, liberal narratives 

@vortex_egg Yes! That's what I tried to word in my 'chapel perilous bit' exactly. The reaching hand that helps you up from the pit is very guiding in that moment.

Cults, gangs, religions, family and even friends do that with VERY varying degrees of nefarious/neutral/good intentions and/or outcomes.

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