Colin Powell has left the Republican party. On CNN, stated "I no longer consider myself a Republican."

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He was fine when the Republican Party was the party of grift, walls, and kids in cages tho 🤷

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@djsundog This article helped me wrap my head around the distinction for that line that was “just too far” for some republicans: the gamers vs the breakers.

“The American Abyss”

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@vortex_egg @djsundog "For some Republicans, the invasion of the Capitol must have been a shock, or even a lesson. For the breakers, however, it may have been a taste of the future."

That last bit is the thing that's really been weighing on me.

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@trashheap @djsundog Same. This is another article that led me to many of the same thoughts about this being a taste of the future:

I’m trying to gird myself psychologically without getting blown away by my anxiety. Facing up to the possibilities of the real is important, and really really hard.

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