I see the work I’m starting, to research and combat mass disinformation, belief programming, and social algorithmic manipulation, as a form of cybersecurity research that operates much higher up the stack: at the layer of shared reality formation.

Something that goes beyond social engineering and deals with disruptions and attacks on social systems and belief systems.

@vortex_egg god, it's fascinating to watch leftist politics be derived from technological etchics

@teh_dude I’m curious to hear what you mean by that. Could you give an example?

@vortex_egg anarchic theory: mostly about how to maintain social order with no central governor in low trust networks.

post-modernism/critical theory: seeing the material effects of information/norms (social or computational, and what is really the difference?), how protocols break, how if two parties make different assumptions, they can do hamful, or divergent things


@teh_dude Interesting, I guess I didn’t see the connection to my post. I don’t really consider myself to be a leftist (or any kind of -ist for that matter). I haven’t read any anarchist, post-modern, or critical theory, for starters.

I’m more interested in going upstream to the roots of belief itself and working out a practical ethics of believing from first principles as an information science, than I am in interpreting the world through the lens of other peoples’ ideologies.

@vortex_egg well yeah, i really struggle find a difference between plain old classic philosophy and leftist politics. they come from the same place literally and figuratively

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