@vortex_egg @docskrzyk @drwho There's definitely a Christ-allegory in TRON, though you could say that about just about any portal-fiction that doesn't work to avoid it.

I'd like to think the writers of TRON: Legacy saw that and chose to lean heavily into the religious symbolism for Kevin Flynn's embrace of CLU as a union-of-opposites-giving-birth-to-the-new-world motif.

@orrery @vortex_egg @drwho Oh god, please don't bring up the sequel.

I was so disappointed.

The animated series, however, was awesome and should not have been cancelled.

@docskrzyk @vortex_egg @drwho Hey, TRON: Legacy is the second-best movie-length Daft Punk video behind Interstella 5555. For that alone, it's worth something.

But yeah, beyond that I was heavily disappointed. So much potential squandered.

@docskrzyk @orrery @drwho Interestingly I just found this interview with the co-author of the TRON script (and probably the actual full author), Bonnie MacBird:


Mentions her influence from studying under Donald Knuth, reading Ted Nelson's COMPUTER LIB, meeting with Alan Kay at Xerox Parc, etc.

@vortex_egg @orrery @drwho Nice. Yeah, I think Steve was the one I was thinking was a bit of a doof on the computer end of things since he's the one who gets bandied about more.

@docskrzyk @orrery @drwho LMAO apparently she met with Alan Kay, got him to work as a consultant on the film, and then ended up marrying him. This is a good interview.


@docskrzyk @orrery @drwho Here we go:

> Also, our purpose in working with Alan Kay was to lay in real science underneath and humor on top. Steven gradually drew the movie into a more serious tone with quasi religious overtones while the actual science stuff which I spent a lot of time embedding and which I still think would have delightfully resonated with then and today’s tech audience, was pretty much completely omitted.

@vortex_egg @docskrzyk @orrery @drwho Somewhere in the vaults lies the OG Alan Kay script

The future of humanity (programmers) will greatly benefit from this being released!!

Anyone down for a heist?! Mickey Mouse wont know what hit him

@fc @docskrzyk @vortex_egg @orrery <heist movie> You son of a bitch, I'm in. </heist movie>

@drwho @fc @vortex_egg @orrery This was definitely one of the highlights of the last season of Rick and Morty.

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