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You know those threads where you're honestly just glad you didn't accidentally participate? Ahhhh fedi...

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This cat farts every time someone picks him up. Someone put perfume on him and now he smells like flowers and farts.

Inspired by one of my friends on bird-site, I signed up for a duolingo account and was immediately amazed by how much Japanese I actually remember from college and was flooded with such delightful memories.

Something interesting, I studied 4 semesters of Japanese and for almost the entire time (certainly the last 2 semesters) it was the same class of people. We all had to meet physical education requirements and so we all joined the Bowling team (and the bowling classes) together.

By the time my classes were done, we were all very close friends and we were constantly up to no good on the lanes-- talking anime, video games, and studying for our various exams.

I don't particularly care for bowling one way or the other, but I have a deep nostalgia for bowling alleys as a result.

YT: How about some pop music?
Me: Like what?
YT: Gwar.
Me: ... ok that is fine.

I like how most cyberpunk color schemes/designs are just a webdev in a room, "so like... a trapper keeper?"

I am not prepared for a nostalgia trip, rn

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Why are bike so cool? Boost plz 

Are you a bike enthusiast? May it be because you use it only for transportation, just because you like 'em even if you don't ride or you're super duper fan knowing a hell lot

Please tell me

I'm looking for enthusiasm for bikes and some help is welcome. Thanks.

Please boost so I can reach those bike nerds

I encountered several FMV games on Steam Deck that were marked as "verified" but the video couldn't play properly making them completely unplayable without Proton-GE being installed manually. Either a human didn't test them or a tester is using Proton-GE.

It's not the end of the world, but if that's the case -- testing for verification should really not use manually installed proton compatibility layers from 3rd parties.

The Steam Deck really addresses my longing for my old Steam Controller.

My mood is an untrustworthy narrator after 9:30pm.

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The only games I don't play on Steam Deck now are games that I prefer mouse and keyboard (cyberpunk 2077) or games that are a bit too difficult to get to work (I am lazy). I think I only have 2 games that I play still on my desktop. This device is surprising, y'all.

Sometimes, and it's often as difficult to predict as it is uncomfortable to accept, the only way out is through.

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