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Denver has some stuff going on, y'all!

As the only party in this terminal wearing masks, I'd like to welcome everyone to my thunderdome adventure

1st leg of my trip is done, now I'm waiting to catch a flight at 4am. There's basically no way I can make myself get to sleep early enough to make that comfortably.

but I am traveling out of town tonight until sunday! MY KINGDOM FOR A STEAM DECK!

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Fuck fear. Crushing self doubt is the mind killer.

Believing you can do anything does NOT mean you can do anything, but it's a baller first step.

There are 2 design flaws on my current ASUS ROG laptop. It happens to be my favorite laptop by a long shot, but it has these little annoyances (that they fixed in later models)...

1) It has no ethernet jack. Weird decision for a gaming laptop that might require low-latency multiplayer.
2) The USB-C port is wired to the integrated GPU bus and not the discrete gaming GPU. This is almost never an issue -- but it means that everything about this computer can do VR extremely well except that. So I'm stuck with Windows Mixed Reality. Not the end of the world, but definitely gives it a lifespan.

I'm a micro-uninfluencer, so I basically just remind you that you probably don't need to buy an extra mouse at Best Buy.

Smash that like button.

Psst... lights in video games use real electricity...

I have put too much in my brain and must take a break.

My phone gallery looks like a live action neko atsume and I'm not ashamed

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I noticed the cats all staring at something outside. it was really weird and kinda sus, so I walked out to see what it was.

they were all watching our cat Maeve take a dump across the street.

Cats are social creatures for sure

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I just scanned two issues of the old Portuguese magazine They weren't available anywhere in digital format until now.

So, here they are on my tilde page:

Discovering the Clippy emoji on htown is one of the highlights of 2022.

Packet Crafters: Crafts your packets in about an hour.

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