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What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering? 

What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering?

One time, a film maker called me up because she wanted to use a hubub of voices as a music statement but it wasn't coming off. I listened to the audio and knew just the thing! A resonant 70s style low pass filter would keep the timbres but jettison the words. I ran her vocal recording through my synthesiser and proudly returned with the improved audio.

She listened. "This does sound a lot better," she said, "but you've completely prioritised the men's voices and removed the women."

Cis normativity aside, she was right. My process had made altos much softer and pretty much nuked sopranos. I had to go back and organise each audio sample by vocal range and run the filter multiple times. It was time consuming, but the result was much nicer.

She noticed this because she knew what it was to be silenced according to vocal range - something that has gradually faded from my mind as its no longer a regular occurrence for me. If I'd been working with a fellow tenor or a bass, we might never have noticed. The audio would have been worse and the while project subtly effected by unconscious bias.

Instead, when the film was released, a reviewer praised the sound in that section.

Unconscious bias isn't just unfair, it makes *your* work worse.

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How people treat the animals around them, including the feral animals and the "pests", is part of how I understand who a person really is.

Windows 11 is very good at telling me my sound is muted when it is not.

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with this many breaches happening, rockyou is going to be half my SSD.

oof a new godaddy breach. in some cases leaked ssl private keys for some folks that use them for managed hosting, I see... yikes

I enjoyed the live action Cowboy Bebop a lot

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Scully worries about underground funguses. Mulder is impersonated by sasquatches.

Oooh "Easy CTFs and Chill" night could be cool.

Anyone here want to do some medium/hard CTFs on tryhackme sometime? Maybe a King of the Hill team one?

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Today I published the first in what I hope will be a series of little fiction zines.

Five prose poems and a short story set in the time of the First World War

My Cyberpunk 2020 role would be a Nomad/Netrunner hybrid, with a failed Rocker life-path side-story.

An of sorts!

Hi! I am VOLTUR. I'm a hacker and maker.

... I don't know what to put here anymore. I like things and talk about them. Sometimes I don't like things and I talk about them. Sometimes I don't talk about them.

Sometimes I make things and I talk about it. Or like I talk about how I would make things better.

I don't know. I'm not a brand.

This introduction is not my best.

So anyway, welcome to the party.

Tired: Thanksgiving
Wired: Harvest festivals
Inspired: Credential Harvesting Festivals

I'm a content creator for my Recycle Bin.

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I think I'd like to play with OwnCast when I have a minute after this round of cert exams

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