I like when self-employed people put "opinions are my own" in their bio.

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@drwho Netflix not centering the text above the progress bar is so on brand I hate it

Capitalism has made worm's meat of us all.

@packetcat basically yeah. it was listed in support for CoD

@packetcat I haven't had a chance to watch this yet (I'm going to!) but I was literally just digging through job postings on LinkedIn in my industry and they are still posting openings

I'm almost ready to start sending out my resume and applying for jobs I have no business getting and I'm really excited! Also, really terrified. 👻

Adding "From the desk of ..." to my resume.

@packetcat that is some Hamburglar level UI criminality

re: heights 

@signal9 that is an amazing shot!

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I don't know about justified, but I certainly feel ancient today. yowza

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