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In polite company, we call it "the financialisation of higher education". But that obscures it's reality: capital is fucking over liberal arts colleges. Their credit ratings are downgraded to junk /for no reason/. They are stuck being dependant on the markets /for no reason/. They are subject to much harsher financial regiemes than private buinesses /for no reason/ - other than ideology,.

In fact, the ultra wealthy are working to make liberal arts education available only to themselves.

Preparing to move is an ordeal, y'all!

maybe I should write some creepypasta specifically in and around hacker culture

Ok, my predictions. It's interesting because sometimes I think things will win regardless of their quality, and sometimes I think that quality will win over zeitgeist. Mostly, I think round 2 is going to be rough lol


USPOL kinda, July 4th related 

Thinking a lot today about Rammstein's video for Deutschland and the complexity of my feelings about the nation where I live.

Client-side tracking as part of any service you're using is entirely bogus.

Wikipedia is great because you get phrases like "a Belgian football player turned furniture designer" and "after retiring, they ran an ostrich farm in North Carolina" out of nowhere.

Trying to figure out who the htown bard is, without being accusatory. WAIT IS IT ME OH GOD

the Mexica Sun Stone is really freaking cool

@thegibson yeah it is. it's based off the design from my home town Charlottesville. I basically grew up on that open-air mall.

@thegibson When we buy, we plan on buying in Boulder, right now. Obviously we'll see where things are when the time comes, but yeah. We went and shopped around housing for a few days in Boulder. It has some really interestingly human-scale walkable neighborhoods that I ADORE.

Looks like we'll be relocating to the Denver area at the end of the month. Good gosh, so much work to do 😬

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