Solstice Kitten Power Hour Update 

Momma Cat (I really need to name her -- she's a community/feral cat, so I see her enough) has moved her litter to the couch on our porch for some reason, which is an exciting because I can take a picture!

Here are the 2 remaining kittens. They're adorable and very squeaky. The 3 others sadly didn't make it, for a variety of reasons -- some of which I don't know. Anyway, I love their fur coloration so far!


Solistice Kitten Power Hour Photos 

A couple of quick and bad snaps of the new kittens and their mother. It's a bad photo because of the telephoto, but it's as close as I'm going to try to get right now. She's cool with me being here, but I don' tthink she'd be into me getting up in her business. Until I bring treats, naturally.

They're all moving and squirming and mewing, and she's doing her thing. So, that's good!

The windows installer now tries to get you to sub to Xbox Game Pass. Every single windows install that happens, will have an up-sell attempt.

This is an anti-trust level dark pattern at work.

Me: Fresh install. I'll download firefox first.

Windows: But why? :clippy:

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