Checking out the performance of my game on . Testing both the native linux build and the windows build via proton. They both perform pretty similar -- solid 60fps, about 6.5w power draw (about 6 hours of of play off a full charge)

The game performs well pruned to 30fps, except the system scan mini-game. The benefits aren't all that great though, so I wouldn't bother. Just go full tilt.

Using the default "mouse" input config, it works fine.

Makes me want to get my gamepad update finished, though! So maybe this is next on my list of things to do.


Here's an interesting thing I've noticed. Not sure if anyone else sees this or not....

My native linux build performs almost identically to my windows build in proton, but the windows/proton build draws 1 watt more of power, almost uniformly.

using the godot stack

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