Google's monopoly on browser market share is a problem, y'all.

@voltur Indeed! And it's multifaceted; and I am not sure there is a clear solution.

Google's approach has been "Embrace, Extend, Extend, Extend, Extend, Exten... Oh, you are out of money? Lol, that sucks. Here, use the chromium engine, I guess."

They didn't need the overt Extinguish step.

So step 1 to breaking the monopoly might be to try and cool it with web standards improvements. Get buy-in from developers to only use a certain subset of the specs, get competing web browser vendors to push back against spec feature additions. Shore up security and privacy needs of the existing spec.

Get some room to build new engines.

Pressuring the non-google players in the space (apple, microsoft, mozilla, but should be open to other members) might want to form a sort of open alliance to pool resources and expertise and develop a viable alternative engine.

@rgegriff @voltur
I think it's more that the web became so complex, and people created entire apps in the web such that the browser became an operating system.
Very few can afford to develop an entire OS.

@voltur all monocultures are a problem... although this one isn't related to google at all.

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