USPOL, Infosec Abstraction 

yeah, so... sending busloads of migrants to the personal homes of political representatives and rivals is form of denial of service attack on the institutional left's sense off morality and ability to empathize.

Back in the day, we used to do a similar attack on ports by saturating a service (usually at the kernel level) file descriptor resource pool. In the wayback machine, even multi-threaded servers could be taken down by as few as 25 open connections. A popular tool, portfuck, was probably the easiest and most common for a long time.

That's what the right-wing establishment is attempting to use migrants for against their will in the US -- saturate the resources/spoons of the left to reduce their moral advantage.

It's awful and, at brute-force scale, will probably work if nothing is done to mitigate it.

re: USPOL, Infosec Abstraction 


This is similar to what conservatives across the US started doing to California in the 70s and 80s. They started encouraging then just sending their undesirables to the state. A lot changed and became dysfunctional because of that.

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