@cat NMS chill mode in VR is my nerdy knitting circle and I love it. Also, I couldn't for the life of me get LoFi to center the HMD at the right height and it was unplayable. Couldn't even interact with the menu. How did you like it? I will watch your vid later today I think

@voltur it's def l my happy place right now. i love just cruising, tho i think i need to move to a lower conflict system because i'm still getting used to the controls so have to just run from fights hahaha. it kinda ruins the vibe. :p

i'm referring to lofi the music genre, which lofi did you mean?

@cat oh! my brain went to VR games for some reason. I meant this game right here:

@voltur oh dang i'd forgotten about that! i'll give it a shot this afternoon and let you know how i go.

@cat my vr is a WMR HMD, and it doesn't seem to put itself at the correct height and I can't interact with it properly. I'll try again sometime soon to see if they patched it for an Odyssey+ or not :)

lmk how it goes for you!!!

@voltur itching for a really immersive VR cyberpunk game, i had high hopes for this one;

but the dev is on hiatus for a bit so as it stands it's just a short demo

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