This is gonna be a long one, but my company is hiring!

Important details:

  • Civic tech projects, some commercial projects
  • Fully distributed
  • US only (sorry, we have gov't contracts that require this)
  • solid benefits, medical, dental, vision, 401k contributions start in 2022 but it's available now
  • loads of PTO: 20 days vacation, 20 days sick, and all federal holidays + a floating day
  • inclusive and diverse team including leadership

You can learn more about the company culture here:

Our company handbook is public:

Our engineering guide is open source:

In short, the culture is AMAZING. Hands down the best company I've ever worked for.

Want to work with me?

Salary ranges are listed on the job descriptions.

We have openings for:

My company is still hiring for the engineering roles listed on this toot

Please pass along to anyone who might be interested. This company is a fucking unicorn in this industry. Kindness makes a comeback with the skillz to pay the billz.


@pixelpaperyarn A couple of these look pretty interesting to me! I'll dig through and see what y'all are about

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