you, a philistine: if "static binaries" are so great, why isn't there "static binaries 2?"
me, a genious:

@vito If only docker images were actually static binaries and not essentially just tarballs of a root directory

@sungo idk, in 201x the thing you run isn't necessarily just a binary, you got graphics, `node_modules`, etc.

@vito I know. I use go for my stuff because I can get static binaries out of it. For docker/containers, Jess Frazelle's done some work getting static-binary-ish applications out of linux containers using runc. In theory, all the power of Docker but in an app that doesn't require the docker daemon or infrastructure to run. I've not tried it myself since I'm so rarely on linux these days

@sungo yeah, we used just runc for quals 2015-2017, since we'd only run one service per instance anyways

@vito oh nice. I've not heard of anyone actually running it apart from jess

@sungo @vito Upvote for Go because it's great and the binaries it produces are really quite static, not Docker "bring userland with you" static ;-)

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