When you actually get down to it, building an operating system is mostly about making sure that apps don't step onto each other and it's quite boring.

I'm gonna spend the day swimming instead. I'm not sure I'm enjoying doing memory management stuff, might make the OS single-tasking, you open a file, you can edit it, it locks up in a way that other apps can't request memory to write on for a while.

It would be a potato.


@neauoire That is basically correct. This is why I like the approach taken by IBM when they released VM/370. The product exists at two levels. The hypervisor itself, and a single tasking, single user OS that assumes it had full control over the mainframe.

So, if I were to summarize, making a good single user OS is, is wager, more important than focusing on multitasking facilities. If you need the latter, you can always run under a hypervisor.

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