Neat! Moshix and other Hercules (IBM emulator) users are setting up a new BITNET called HNET.

Looking it up on Wikipedia, BITNET is a pure store-and-forward network. And, BITNET's "relay" chat system is the inspiration behind Internet Relay Chat. I hadn't known that.

@vertigo I’ve been lurking on sidelines of this project for some time, I’d like to get connected up with UnixNJE, but most of what’s on there (communication and software wise) is obviously quite IBM System/370 oriented, which is really not my scene.

It would be nice if us UNIX diehards set something like this up with UUCP, I’d be open to starting it if there were enough people interested.

Oh, and there’s the HECNET (Hobbyist DECnet) of course, but the hoops you need to jump through hardware wise is too much for me.

@vertigo Damn't that is one hell of a rabbit hole, warning before digging into old tech. Pretty sweet though.

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