Today at the makerspace we were discussing The Things We Lost W/R/T the development of computing.

We talked about the Cannon Cat, we talked about Hypercard, we talked about the ST and the Amiga.

One topic that came up towards the tail end of the discussion that is near and dear to me is Sugar, the DE designed along side the OLPC project.

It was a radically different approach to computing, and could have been a strong step towards a more Humane future for computers.

@ajroach42 I've not heard of Sugar. I was aware of Scratch, of Squeak Smalltalk, and of course, the various Linux and BSD flavors for it.

When I searched for it, I saw that it was a GUI shell for running and managing applications. But, I didn't see anything development related.

Do you have more information on this environment?

@vertigo It was the UI for the XO-1 for OLPC, It was designed to be understandable by children who were not yet literate, but to still be useful to adults.


@ajroach42 ok, so I didn't stumble into something else from what you were looking for. I'll need to take a few closer looks at it.

Gotta say, that pie menu to switch applications looked nice.

@vertigo @ajroach42 they have one of my favorite sets of human interface guidelines of any environment - really well thought out and articulated if sometimes poorly maintained these days (well, when last it came up on my semi-regular whateverhappenedtofoo walkabouts)

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